1. Check Out Our Marble Slabs of kitchen and bathroom Remodeling Services

    No Fools Here…Check Out Our Marble Slabs

    April might begin with the classic fool’s day, but there are no fools to be found when it comes to the marble slabs available at A Polished Finish. Marble is an exquisite natural stone to use for countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you are looking to add a touch of beauty and …Read More

  2. kitchen with natural stone countertops

    Ring In The New Year With New Countertops

    There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with new natural stone countertops. Natural stone countertops are a beautiful way to upgrade your Atlanta kitchen, bathroom or both, as well as any other rooms or areas that might have countertops (basement bar, anyone?). Natural stone comes in se…Read More

  3. showroom photograph featuring natural stone countertop, wall accent piece

    10 Reasons To Choose Quartz Over Granite

    You’ll notice, especially if you’re a fan of HGTV shows, that granite countertops and their quartz counterparts vie for favorites in kitchens and bathrooms. And while choosing the perfect material for your Atlanta natural stone countertops may take a little more research and understanding of the…Read More

  4. granite countertops and island in modern kitchen

    5 Ways Granite Countertops Can Sell Your Home

    Natural stone has been having a heyday since the mid-1980s in kitchen and bathroom countertops in America, and it appears to still be going strong. Everyone wants natural stone countertops, it seems, and most desirable amongst the natural options is granite. Durable, beautiful, strong...what’s not…Read More

  5. modern kitchen with natural stone countertops and island top

    The Extraordinary Benefits of Natural Stone Countertops in Atlanta

    With the number of different types of synthetic and look-alike countertops being manufactured out there, you’d think that natural stone countertops would be a tough sell to consumers in Atlanta. In the language of the brands manufacturing these look-alikes and synthetic creations otherwise, they a…Read More

  6. Marble Countertops Installers Company for Kitchen & Bathroom

    How To Keep Your Marble Countertops in Perfect Condition

    Marble countertops are elegant, sophisticated and simply gorgeous. The choice of culinary artists, bakers, pastry chefs and more, marble countertops elevate any space, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or elsewhere. Marble countertops are a fantastic upgrade to your home that make a statement in …Read More

  7. Quartz Countertops In Atlanta And kitchen remodeling company

    Quartz Countertops in Atlanta and Kitchen Flooring

    There are some families who are tougher than others on their kitchen floor. There are different types of flooring available for your kitchen, what you have to do is determine which one is right for your household. Your family dog sprawls out on it while you cook, guests are scooting chairs across it…Read More