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Remnant Materials

Remnants are leftover material of stone or slab that remains after cutting a larger slab for kitchen and bathroom countertops. These leftovers are often too small to be used for another big project and are sold at lower costs than the entire slab. Countertop remnants can vary in size and materials like granite, marble or quartz. Further, these remnants are widely used in small projects like creating other interior pieces for homes and offices.

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At APF, we’re delighted to provide a wide range of countertop remnants, which include granite, marble, and quartz, to take your interior design projects to the next level. Our expertise extends to providing customized stone countertops for kitchen and bathroom design services, including making the most out of the slab remnants. 

With a team of licensed and insured specialists boasting a collective experience of over 15,000 stone installations, we bring unparalleled proficiency to every project. Looking forward, our vision remains clear and precise: to create a world where the beauty of well-designed living, working, and recreational spaces is within everyone’s reach, utilizing even the smallest remnants of marble, granite and quartz.

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    Why Choose Remnant Materials?



    Stone remnants make an economically rewarding choice for their availability at a fraction of the cost when compared to full-sized materials. This financial advantage facilitates you to save money for other aspects of your project.

    Seamless Coordination

    Seamless Coordination

    Selecting remnants from the same batch ensures seamless and harmonious coordination of colors, patterns, and textures throughout your space. This coherence can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your project.

    Versatile Applications

    Versatile Applications

    Remnants are remarkably versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of applications like wall displays, decor pieces, or even to beautify a piece of furniture. Their flexibility allows you to realize your design ideas across various aspects of your project.

    Tailored Customization

    Tailored Customization

    Remnants can be easily tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to craft personalized and bespoke design solutions that align perfectly with your vision. With the help of a professional, you can get the most suitable remnant for your requirements.

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    Jennifer ThompsonJennifer Thompson
    02:10 06 Sep 23
    A Polished Finish did my countertops, and I’m in love! I was so torn between colors of quartz, and April helped me pick the perfect color while being there for all my calls and visits! April helped me from start to finish with a smooth process. She was so sweet answering my million questions. Steven did the templates, and was awesome too! They are the best in town, and I can’t recommend them enough!
    Shawn RobertsShawn Roberts
    17:38 26 Aug 23
    We had a great experience with A Polished Finish! A friend recommended them to us when we began our new home construction. We visited for the first time and met “B”, who carried us through the whole process. She was great from start to finish. After choosing our kitchen countertops in the showroom, we visited the remnant yard and found all 3 of our bathroom countertops. That was amazing and saved us a lot of money. We had so many to choose from and love them installed! We also wanted a full marble fireplace, and I had a picture to show them exactly what I wanted. We were then introduced to Brittany to help with that, and she found the perfect leathered slab for us. She worked with Steven, who measured our templates, and it turned out exactly like we wanted. The installers were great as well. We can’t wait to see it all come together once everything else is finished. Thank you so much!~Christie Roberts
    Toni BlackToni Black
    16:41 18 Aug 23
    APF just put the countertops in my new home and they’re beautiful! I was very overwhelmed with all the decisions being made and had picked some countertops out that were way above our budget when very randomly (I took it as an answer to prayer!) met the owner of APF. Without having any idea he was the owner, I told him my dilemma with countertops, and he asked what I wanted. I told him and he told me exactly what to get that would be in our budget. I trusted him and went with it and I’m so glad I did! Everyone that helped us at APF, (from the owner to the sales people, especially B, to the man who came to measure to the installers) they were all extremely kind and helpful. I highly recommend them!
    Ethan shealyEthan shealy
    16:19 09 Jun 23
    Got their information through a friend of mine who set me up with Chris Todd, he was prompt polite and gave me a great quote. The process was quick and the final product was great
    Kirsten ForsmanKirsten Forsman
    22:13 02 Jun 23
    Brittany "B" was great to work with. Being in Fl and having work done on a home in GA is not an easy task. Brittany communicated with me from start to finish. She even suggested a color based on a product I had looked at in Fl which turned out to be nicer than the original. We reviewed the template to ensure final product would be exactly what we wanted and A Polished delivered! Easy , communicative and professional.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    emnants mostly come into use in creating smaller and miniature projects. They generally don’t work well for any kitchen or bathroom countertop use because of their small size. However, there are multiple ways one can utilize them, like in the kitchen island, as a coffee table, accent tables & many more.

    A common misconception regarding remnants is that they are of cheap quality because they are leftovers. It's important to note that even though the size of the slab has decreased, and you are paying less price for it, the value of the original stone remains the same.

    After finishing a granite project, there are often smaller, unused pieces of granite that aren't large enough to be repurposed for significant tasks but are still sizable and suitable for various other projects. These remaining granite sections are commonly referred to as granite remnants.

    Remnants materials are used for smaller-scale projects, making it challenging to use a single, large remnant for an entire kitchen or bathroom renovation. However, they offer a range of appealing choices for accents like a contrasting kitchen island or a stylish backsplash. Beyond these applications, remnants can also be creatively repurposed for crafting items like coffee tables, elegant mantle pieces, decorative coasters, and various other accessorizing uses.

    When we cut large pieces of any type of stone to be used as countertops, the unused or remaining part is called countertop remnant. As the two stone slabs cannot be merged into one to form large countertop areas, thus they are sold to reutilize for other purposes.

    You can get stone remnants here at APF at discounted prices. We provide them in three materials - Granite, Marble, Quartz. You can visit our website or our showroom in Loganville to take a look at our display of remnants.

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