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Five Reasons Quartz Countertops Are 2020’s Hottest Trend for Atlanta Homeowners

Quartz countertops have often been thought of as the more-pricey alternative to granite. But pricing on quartz countertops for homeowners in Atlanta is now generally about the same as granite. Now, more and more homeowners are looking to this material as the new long-lasting, durable countertop to install in their homes for a high return on investment and ultimately, the considerable value it brings to their homes. 

Quartz is a beautiful natural mineral and is available in great abundance on Earth, making it a highly sustainable option. And for those of you who would prefer a slightly more subtle finish than what you might be thinking quartz gives: the matte finish is absolutely beautiful, and it’s red-hot right now. More and more rich, earthy tones are being made available by manufacturers all the time.

There are so many reasons quartz countertops are becoming the number one in countertop design option in 2020. From style to value to colors and patterns, quartz really brings it to the table.


Perhaps the most important reason quartz is on every designer’s mind this year is it’s non-porosity. Granite is beautiful and shares many similar features with quartz, but it is porous, so it needs to be sealed regularly. If not, it can be stained and also, it may become a breeding ground for bacteria, quite easily. While it is fairly easy to seal granite countertops, many homeowners in the Atlanta area just prefer not to take the chance.

Quartz is completely non-porous, so there isn’t a chance of that happening with quartz countertops. For a completely foolproof material that enjoys many similar features to granite, quartz is looking better than ever.

Patterns and Finishes

Quartz is now available in a wide variety of patterns and finishes, including a matte finish that looks extremely close to natural stone. Many homeowners would prefer not to have the highly-reflective, near-mirror finish that the idea of quartz brings to mind. More subtle, less reflective finishes are becoming more and more available all the time. The matte finish in particular is one of the most sought-after emerging trends of 2020 amongst Atlanta homeowners.

Durability and Strength

Quartz is extremely long-lasting and highly durable. It’s considerably heavier than granite, but it doesn’t chip nearly as easily, either. Quartz doesn’t have any natural striations, as granite does, that can lead to cracks. And some manufacturers actually treat their countertops with an anti-bacterial coating, so they are more hygienic.


Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth and it shows in the wide variety of colors that are available to choose from. Quartz has a huge variety of colors to suit any palette. From understated, Earthy hues to more marble-like off-whites, ecrus, and ivories, quartz offers an incredible variety of colors for the discerning homeowner. You’ll be able to find a quartz countertop to complement any Atlanta home kitchen or bathroom.


Quartz countertops come pre-sealed, and don’t require touch-ups. These countertops are essentially maintenance-free and only need to be wiped down with a mild cleanser and a cloth. They require no upkeep and are quite flexible, so chipping them is very difficult.

Overall, it is easy to see why quartz is emerging as the trendsetter for countertops in 2020. And since the cost of quartz countertops is now virtually identical to that of granite, it’s an investment more and more people are feeling comfortable making. Quartz is a great way to make a long-term investment in your home and install countertops that may last a lifetime. If you need more information on quartz countertops or have any further questions, give A Polished Finish in Atlanta a call.