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Atlanta Homeowners Love Granite Countertops in Their Bathroom

You visit the bathroom in your home several times a day, but chances are you don’t give it a whole lot of thought. If you are like most homeowners, you don’t give any of the bathrooms in your home a second thought. You take them for granted.

Bathrooms are vital to everyday health and even happiness. The importance of a bathroom is based on functionality and they exist primarily for hygienic purposes. But then, if you really believe this, you wouldn’t be spending so much time taking a shower with a massage shower head or sitting in the bathtub surrounded by candles streaming relaxing music on your Bluetooth speaker.

Modern bathrooms are more than just home to the toilet. Modern bathrooms now serve as places of refuge, where you go to get away from people and take a few moments to relax and rejuvenate.

Of course, many of you Atlanta residents are restricted to only hot baths and massaging shower heads because your bathrooms are so outdated. Besides, you have probably never given a thought as to how nice it would be to have a lavish bathroom.

This might be because there is certainly going to be skepticism surrounding bathroom remodels. The misconception is that a remodel consists of a new sink, toilet and vanity. In reality, remodeling your bathroom could mean a jetted tub, towel warmer and granite countertops installed by A Polished Finish.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to have your bathrooms remodeled.

It’s Ugly

Let’s not mince words here; your bathroom is an ugly room with its outdated toilet, peeling paint and scuffed flooring. And if you have carpet in your bathroom, that is just unfathomable and completely unacceptable.

While your bathroom may have been groovy in the 1970s or gnarley in the 1980s, it’s 2017 and your bathroom needs some serious work. Maybe you already hate everything about your bathroom but don’t care because not many people see it. What should concern you is that your spouse sees it, and she hates it more than you do.

We suggest you and your significant other go to a showroom where you can see the progress bathrooms have made over the years. It might surprise you more than you think.

More Storage

There has been more than one instance where you have run out of toilet paper only to discover there were no more full rolls in the bathroom. In these instances, you were forced to creep carefully into the hall and grab a roll from the closet.

You had to do this because there just isn’t enough space in your bathroom to hold a decent amount of backup rolls of TP. In fact, there isn’t enough storage space in your bathroom to hold a lot of things you need in there including spare bath towels.

If you are plagued by a bathroom with inconvenient layouts, perhaps it’s time for a remodel.


Your bathroom is subjected to sustained exposure to humidity and moisture. Even the best-built bathrooms will eventually succumb to problems like mold and mildew. Even if the damage is minimal, it’s a good idea to get things fixed up right away as you know it will only get worse.

Water Conservation

One good way to save money and be a little more green is by remodeling your bathroom and having water-saving shower heads, toilets and faucets installed. Do this and you can look forward to a reduced water bill every month.


Not every upgrade you make to your home comes with a favorable return, but remodeling your bathroom will deliver a decent return. You can expect to recoup over half of what you invest in your bathroom remodel.

In addition, having a nice, upgraded and updated bathroom is a great selling point should you decide to put your home on the market.

Change is Good

Even if your bathroom is in pretty good shape, it’s never a bad thing to change things up a bit. Sometimes remodeling can just be about starting off the new year with a fresh bathroom.

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, give A Polished Finish a call for a quote on your countertops.