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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose to Install a Granite Countertop in Atlanta

Granite countertops give kitchens and bathrooms a magnificent update with one streamlined, attractive look. Choosing to install a granite countertop in Atlanta may be one of the best decisions you make as a homeowner. Installing granite countertops in your home will increase its value and give your kitchens and bathrooms a flawless finish, so why wait? In today’s post, we’ll discuss five reasons why you should choose to install granite countertops in your home.

Immediately Increase the Value of Your Home

As we mentioned, installing granite countertops will increase the value of your home. If you have seen any home improvement, interior design or real estate television show, you’ll notice that the first thing that buyers ask about is granite countertops. Granite is an instant hook for real estate transactions.

This is because of its intrinsic value. Granite carries values because of its durability and natural beauty. It also conveys luxury and, with very little upkeep, lasts and looks great year after year. They may not be the only selling point of a home, but they might be the factor that tips the buyer in your favor. In some parts of the US, home sellers with granite countertops can get a 100% return — or higher — on their investment when they sell their home.

Stain, Heat and Etch Resistant

Granite is an incredibly durable material. While it can be stained and etched, it’s extremely difficult to do so, and the American family’s day-to-day activities really won’t alter its appearance or damage it.

In fact, aside from wiping down your countertops with a soft cloth and a gentle cleanser after using them, you don’t have to do anything to keep granite looking beautiful. You can apply a sealant to give it an extra level of protection, but usually this isn’t necessary (and if you decide to do so, it only takes about ten minutes). You can even put a hot pan on a granite countertop and generally it won’t scorch.

Every Slab Is Unique

When you are shopping for man-made countertops, the selection is extremely limited. Perhaps you think it’s a nice icebreaker to notice that someone else has the same countertops as you. But perhaps you’d like something that’s exclusive to your home, and if so, one great thing about granite is that no two slabs are the same. Granite slabs are all different, and when you choose one, you’re choosing the whole slab.

It’s important, in fact, to preview the whole slab so that you know the veining and color variations specific to that slab. This way you know exactly what you are getting, as these variations can change significantly from slab to slab. Granite is completely natural stone, and the variations between each slab can be quite extraordinary. Make sure that you have the opportunity to view the slab for your countertops before you commit to purchasing it.
Style and Design
Natural granite’s qualities of elegance and durability compel many homeowners to compare their countertops to works of art. The different shades of dark and light throughout the slab, the similarity of granite to marble in terms of veining, and the dramatic differences between the color of the main granite and the veins. White granite can stand in for white marble as a very similar substitute, and has many similar properties (its overall look is slightly more understated).

An Affordable, Long-Term Investment

As an investment, the return really doesn’t get much better than granite. As mentioned earlier, many homeowners enjoy an ROI of up to 100% or greater on the granite countertops they install in their homes. The durability of the material is second to none in terms of lasting over time, and that also makes it an excellent investment. If you don’t sell your home, the granite countertops you install will last 30 years and possibly more. They are an enduring, enriching component of your home.

After all, you want the components of your home to have durability and lasting quality. You can virtually guarantee that with granite. Granite gives you the opportunity to invest in your home in a way that is easy, affordable, and maximizes your investment year after year.

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