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The Extraordinary Benefits of Natural Stone Countertops in Atlanta

With the number of different types of synthetic and look-alike countertops being manufactured out there, you’d think that natural stone countertops would be a tough sell to consumers in Atlanta. In the language of the brands manufacturing these look-alikes and synthetic creations otherwise, they are very nearly the same as natural stone countertops. They are almost exactly alike. They are just as beautiful, more easily cleaned, more user-friendly, and cost a fraction of what natural stone countertops do. How is it possible that natural stone countertops are even sold anymore?

This actually has a very simple real estate illustration as an answer. The number two question a buyer asks about a new home concerns the kinds of countertops in the home. If they are made of natural stone, the odds of that potential homeowner making an offer on that home goes up significantly. The same simply cannot be said for any other materials; if anything, they detract from the home’s value.

So what makes natural stone so special? We’ve come up with a small laundry list:


The durability of a natural stone countertop in any Atlanta home is really beyond compare. They quite literally last a lifetime. They require minimal maintenance and can even generally withstand a hot pan being set upon them for a moment or two without scorching. Hot cups of coffee, chef’s knives, and spilled wine rarely damage quartz, marble, or granite; if anything, you’ll damage your nice Misen or other knife’s blade against the countertops, not the other way ‘round. We recommend cutting boards at all times.


No two slabs of granite, marble, or quartz are alike. They all have their own superficial as well as beyond skin-deep colorations, striations, bands of differing breadth, and depth of contrast, you name it. When you select a natural stone countertop for your kitchen or bath, or both, you have created a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen or bathroom. Nobody will have the same pattern or style you do, because nature doesn’t repeat her styles and patterns the way we do. 


Natural stone is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Granite, quartz, or marble transform a kitchen or bathroom from good to great, from a place to accomplish a task and then move along to somewhere you may want to linger for a few minutes in an Atlanta area home. While aesthetics are always subjective, the general consensus is that natural stone always looks superb. 


When you invest in natural stone, the slab is cut specifically to your measurements, so that you can incorporate them perfectly into any design you like. Your natural stone fabricator can cut whatever you’d like, however you’d like it, whether it be for an obliquely shaped kitchen island or a vanity being built into your closet. 


It’s tempting to think that the other guys’ value is better than natural stone, but just because something is cheap doesn’t make it valuable. The genuine value you get with natural stone is that which the rest of the attributes listed here have attested to: flexibility, aesthetics, uniqueness, and durability all add up to equal a greater value for your natural stone countertop that the other guys can’t even touch.

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