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Quartz Countertops add to Your Luxury Bathroom in Atlanta

If there is one room in your Atlanta home that deserves some extra luxury, it’s the bathroom. And if you think adding a bidet and a jetted tub catapults your bathroom to high-luxury status, you would be dead wrong. A luxury bathroom is more than a fancy tub, a super-soft rug and a new mirror. A truly breathtaking bathroom is the ultimate escape.

In addition to new quartz countertops installed by A Polished Finish, here is what your bathroom needs to be luxurious.

Heated Floors

In-floor heating systems for bathrooms are a luxury you cannot live without. They are also a luxury well within reach as there are affordable options. For example, electric mats placed under the floor are economical, functional and make your cold feet feel so good. You could hold the hairdryer on the rug for the same effect, but somehow it just isn’t as impressive.


Nothing says luxury more than having colored lights in the shower. Chromotherapy, or color therapy some call it, is an alternative medicine in which colored lights are used to balance energy in one’s body. It may be pseudoscience, but having colored lights in the shower is super cool, man. It’s a bonus if the lights actually do make you feel better.


This is a bathroom fixture that is quite common in Europe, but considered a luxury here in the United States. If you don’t know what it is, we’ll leave it up to Google to fill you in. But let’s just say that you won’t leave the bathroom feeling the same way after using one of these.

Steam Shower

After a long day at work, nothing beats a steam shower, especially one with an aromatherapy feature. Get one of these, and the steam shower becomes a ritual you do every day. In fact, it might be something you do in the morning and in the evening because it is just so relaxing and therapeutic.

Floating Vanities

A floating vanity updates the style of any bathroom and makes the room feel luxuries and airy. There are a variety of floating vanities you can choose from, but any of them will make your bathroom the bomb.

Freestanding Tub

When you see an antique bathtub in an old house, the freestanding design hasn’t changed much since the Roman Empire. The freestanding tub has been around for a very long time because its classic shape serves the same purpose even today, to hold water. These tubs are not only luxurious, they are decorative as well. You get to bathe in luxury all while looking good doing so.

Elaborate Lighting

In the past, candles, torches and oil lamps were used to light up the bathroom. But we now have electricity, so why has lighting become so dull and boring? Modern luxury bathrooms can have colored LED lighting, fluorescent lighting in the shower and strategically placed lights that add luxury.

When you remodel your bathroom, consider adding some of these features and enjoy their luxury. For countertop installation, call A Polished Finish.