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Quartz Countertops and Cooking at Home

Cooking at home can not only be fun, it is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your family. We aren’t saying that there are no healthy options when you go out to eat, but it’s still not the same as cooking and eating at home.

There are many reasons to cook at home. Fresh, delicious food right in your very own home, this should be the only reason you need to cook at home. But there will be those who need to be convinced. A Polished Finish, your source for quartz countertops in Atlanta, offers reasons it’s far better to stay at home and cook.

Fewer Calories

We would be willing to bet that many of you pay attention to the number of calories you consume a day. If you are a tad overweight, you want to keep your calories down to help lose weight. If you are at your ideal weight, you want to watch calories to remain that way.

According to studies, people who eat at restaurants consume an average of 200 more calories per day than people who eat at home. People who eat at restaurants also consume about 10 grams more fat per day than those who eat at home.

You Know Your Ingredients

What is in that shrimp scampi you ordered at Red Lobster? Your guess is as good as ours. McDonald’s french fries have nearly 20 ingredients, including natural beef flavor. Is that something you want in your fries?

You know exactly what is in the food you cook at home. And we would be willing to bet there is no natural beef flavor in your fries.

Cooking is Fun

Slicing a bell pepper is fun, flipping an egg is fun, everything about cooking is fun when you stop and think about it. Cooking is a hobby that allows you to use your judgment and creativity. The best part about cooking is the reward you get when the dish is complete.

You Will Get Better

Look, you will break a few yolks flipping over easy eggs, it happens to the best of us. But you will get better. In fact, you will gain skills in slicing, flipping, kneading and even twirling if you make your own pizza crust. You might even get so good you feel inspired to create your own cooking videos.

Save Money

Cooking at home will save you money. If you do the math, you realize just how much more it costs to eat out. With the money you save cooking at home, you can afford to remodel your kitchen.

Less Risky

It is pretty difficult avoiding chemicals and artificial flavors when you aren’t cooking your own food. You are also taking a risk when eating out as you don’t know the bad habits the person cooking your food might have. The risk is minimized when you cook your own food.

Explore New Foods

When you take the family to Applebee’s to eat, you are limited to eating what their menu offers. It is highly unlikely you are going to find something new and exotic at Applebee’s. In fact, the food you eat at Applebee’s is dead common and can be found at 95 percent of chain restaurants. Face it, there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between the food served at Applebee’s and the food served at Chili’s.

If you want to try, say, Kashmiri lamb or chicken Kiev, you are going to have to cook it at home because they aren’t menu options at Applebee’s.


Eating at home is faster than having to load up the family, drive to Applebee’s and deal with the slow service.

Family Bonding

It’s time you face the unpleasant truth. Going to Applebee’s isn’t a fun family experience. You spend half the time dealing with your kids as they are either spilling their chocolate milk or asking the people at the next table what they are eating. And you can bet there will be at least three trips to the bathroom, even though you have only two kids.

Family dynamics drastically improve in the comfort of your own kitchen. Children benefit from helping parents prepare and eat meals. Cooking is a great tool for family bonding.

If you are going to cook at home, you should do so on new countertops. Call A Polished Finish and schedule an appointment today.