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Quartz Countertops in Your Atlanta Kitchen Give it Personality

At the heart of every home is the kitchen. Whether the kitchen is big or small, it is a welcoming space to meet early in the morning or late at night to relax, chat or prepare food for a very hungry family.

No longer is the kitchen just a place where meals are prepared, it is now the place where you have afternoon coffee with friends and weekend dinner parties. This is the day and age when every guest you have in your home is escorted into the kitchen.

Perhaps you didn’t get the memo or nobody ever broke this news to you. But you still entertain in the living room and occasionally in the dining room. That is so 1990s. Maybe you know that kitchens are the place to entertain, it is just that your kitchen is in need of a makeover. Indeed, you are embarrassed to have company gather in your kitchen and stare at the outdated appliances, stained cabinets, linoleum floor and chipped countertops.

If this is the case, it is all too clear that you need to remodel your kitchen. New appliances, new kitchen cabinets and new, custom quartz countertops installed in your Atlanta home by A Polished Finish will go a long way in making your kitchen a great place to hang out.

But just what are the reasons why the kitchen has become such a popular room in the house?

Heart of the Home

As any woman knows, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. All this means is that if you know how to prepare a good meal, you will draw a great number of people. Food just has a way of drawing people together, it is in our nature.

Food fuels the body, but it’s the conversations you have with friends and families that feeds the soul. Life may be created in the bedroom, but it is lived out in the kitchen.

Kitchens are No Longer Just for Cooking

The functions of kitchens have drastically changed over time. Years ago, the kitchen was the place where wives and mothers would slave over a hot stove all day long. The kitchen was a woman’s domain, a place where many husbands feared to enter.

And while the kitchen is still the place where meals are created, they are no longer just a woman’s workspace. The kitchen is now a place where men and boys gather to learn or even teach the art of cooking. The kitchen is no longer a place that echoes with emptiness, but rather it is a room filled with energy, texture and aroma.

Modern kitchens are built for purposes that are far more than utilitarian. They are now created with a purpose. Kitchens are not sedated or quiet rooms, they are places filled with people, filled with love and are places where fond memories are made.
A Reflection of Your Personality

Having moved away from just being a utilitarian space, the kitchen is now a focus for design. It is now a place in which you can showcase your personality and your style. In essence, kitchens have become widely styled living rooms; living kitchens if you will.

Modern kitchens are now divided into three separate areas; the area in which you cook, the dining area and the sitting area. But even as the design of kitchens has changed over the years, the emphasis on cooking still remains very high. This means that kitchens still have plenty of counter space for food preparation, cabinets for storage and appliances that help us create the dishes we love to eat.

The kitchen is an integral part of your lifestyle. If your kitchen doesn’t cut it, give A Polished Finished a call.