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Trends in Bathrooms and Countertops in Atlanta

For a lot of you out there, the bathroom has become your personal sanctuary. It is much more than the place you go to wash off the dirt and grime, it is your personal spa, the place you go to relax and get away. So if you are planning on getting your bathroom remodeled, you need to create more than just a practical space to shower, you need to create your personal oasis.

Whatever style bathroom you choose, we have the granite countertops that fit your needs. If you are curious about what will be the best look for your bathroom, we can help with that as well. A Polished Finish, your source for countertops in Atlanta, offers bathroom trends for 2018.

High-Tech Toilets

For a very long time, Japan has been the undisputed leader in high-tech toilets. We have been satisfied using the same toilets for decades. However, this has been changing as of late and homeowners are now getting interested in high-tech toilets.

Now, don’t get your hopes too high, we aren’t talking magical toilets here, just some features that will make life a little more comfortable. High-tech toilets in 2018 feature things like automatic lid openers, seat warmers, adjustable air driers and automatic deodorizers. You can even get a toilet that plays your favorite music when the lid is opened. Nature tunes are perfect for when you need to answer nature’s call. Pardon our lousy toilet humor.

Toilets aren’t the only bathroom components that are going high-tech. You can have a smart shower installed that knows your preferred water temperature and plays your favorite songs while you shampoo your hair. There are also faucets that automatically turn on when you put your hands under them.

Underfloor Heating Systems

No need to wear your slippers in the bathroom on those cold mornings when you have an underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating systems can be used with a variety of flooring options including concrete, vinyl, wood and tile to just name a few. Think about it; you transform your cold tile into a soothing warm floor.

Unique Tile Shapes

Many homeowners are no longer satisfied with boring tile in their bathrooms. They desire eye-catching shapes that will grace their floor and walls that include chevron patterns, fish scales and new and bold colors and textures.

Sunken Baths

There is no need to drop money at a spa when you can enjoy being pampered in your very own sunken tub. And not just any tub for that matter, a jetted tub that enhances your bathing experience.

If a sunken tub just isn’t possible, a raised platform surrounding it will still make your tub a stand-out feature.

His and Hers Showers

You might already have the double wash basins that help ease the morning bathroom rush, so it makes perfect sense to separate the shower into two sides. His and hers showers feature a large walk-in space with two individual shower controls.

Metallic Glam

For the longest time, chrome in the bathroom has been king. But as with kitchens, this is beginning to change. There is a definite trend emerging that includes gaudy brass fixtures and copper tiles. Which actually works very well with a modern design.

Gold is also experiencing a renaissance now. Think of champagne-colored fixtures complimenting gold shower curtains.

Matte Black

If gold is a little too much for you to handle, matte black fixtures could be for you. Dark fixtures in a matte finish have their own appeal and represent a bold move. It’s a good idea to offset matte black fixtures with white countertops for a strong contrast.

Groovy Wallpaper

Statement wallpaper in the bathroom is a thing in 2018. Overblown florals will grab a lot of attention as will abstract repeats that resemble watercolors, brushstrokes and fine art prints.

Jazzy Bathroom Lighting

Go ahead and indulge yourself with a chandelier above your jetted tub or by installing backlighting around your vanity mirror. Trendy bathrooms aren’t about practical lighting, they are all about lighting that will capture attention. It’s also quite alright to have dimmer switches installed in your bathroom to help create ambient light.

A Polished Finished has quickly grown into one of the most well-known countertop companies in Atlanta. Give us a call when you are planning on updating your kitchen or bathroom.