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Kitchen Countertops and Remodeling Your Kitchen in Atlanta

The reasons to change up the look of your kitchen are endless. Maybe you are planning to put your home on the market or perhaps you were inspired while watching an episode of Fixer Upper, This Old House or Kitchen Crashers. It could be that your kitchen is dated and it’s time for a change.

If you are going to make only one upgrade to your home this year, we suggest you choose the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the most popular room in your home and if offer the biggest bang for your remodeling buck. Believe us, it will be worth every penny you sink into the project.

But if that isn’t enough to convince you to change your penny-pinching ways and get your kitchen remodeled, A Polished Finish, your source for kitchen countertops in Atlanta, offers the following reasons you should seriously consider a kitchen remodel.

Your Kitchen Should Match Your Cooking Style

If you create masterpiece meals for the family, your kitchen should reflect your skills. Who wouldn’t want to cook in a remodeled kitchen with new countertops, appliances and island with a built-in knife holder? You create quality meals, they should be prepared using high-end amenities.

Amplify the Quality of Life

Does your kitchen in its current state fit your particular lifestyle? Maybe you need a kitchen with a breakfast bar for informal dining. Perhaps the kitchen was remodeled some time ago by the previous owner and just doesn’t fit your needs. Remodel your kitchen to fit you and your family’s needs.


Your kitchen might simply be falling apart. If you have cracked tiles, peeling countertops and broken cabinet doors, then it’s time for you to seriously consider having it remodeled. A kitchen that is breaking down and in disarray has outlived its usefulness and needs a remodel.

Modern Conveniences

Take a trip to an appliance store and let a salesman show you all of the latest and greatest alliances. Chances are, you will be surprised at what these new refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens have to offer.

Modern refrigerators do more than just keep your food cold and dispense ice and water. Some models feature touchscreens that allow you to add to virtual shopping lists, schedule appointments on a calendar and even play video music. Oh, and they still do a really good job keeping your food cold and fresh.

Energy Savings

If your appliances are outdated, it is likely that you are probably paying more in utility bills than you have to. Updated, modern appliances are even more energy efficient than appliances that were sold 10 years ago. Energy-efficient appliances do a good job keeping more money in your bank account.


Remodeling your kitchen will give your home that boost in value many homeowners need. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, a kitchen remodel will boost the value of your home and help you in other ways.

For example, perhaps you want to refinance your home, the added equity doesn’t hurt.

Home Improvement Television

The next free evening you have, watch few episodes of some of the more popular home improvements shows. You will be very surprised at what some of these professionals can do in the kitchen. They can take a dull, boring kitchen and turn it into a masterpiece.

You might think that your kitchen is a lost cause and there are only a few improvements that can be made that would slightly alter the look. But then you would be wrong. Your kitchen, no matter how old it is or the size, can be transformed in spectacular ways bu the right people. And you don’t have to hire a television personality to have it done.

Design Trends

Kitchen trends come and kitchen trends go. Take a look around and tell us if you think you have a trendy kitchen. Probably not. Oh, there is no doubt then way back when it was remodeled last it was trendy. But that was years ago and now you are left with a kitchen that is stuck in the 1990s, like your haircut.

So now is as good of a time as any to start thinking about having your kitchen remodeled. Contact A Polished Finish and take a look at what we can offer.