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Kitchen Countertops Atlanta and Remodel Mistakes

So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen, good for you. There are a ton of decisions to make when you remodel your kitchen. You will decide on the type of flooring you want, the color of the backslash and whether or not to go with stainless steel appliances. And then you will change your mind.

In fact, there are aspects of your kitchen remodel that you will go back and forth several times. It is unrealistic to think that you will iron out all of the details in just one evening. A kitchen remodel isn’t a fast race, it’s more like a long journey. And on this journey, there are bound to be mistakes. The problem with making a mistake in your kitchen remodel is that it will likely cost you a lot of money to fix.

The best way to avoid kitchen remodel mistakes is to know all about the mistakes that can be made. You know, so they can be avoided. A Polished Finish, your source for kitchen countertops in Atlanta, offers kitchen model mistakes that you need to avoid.

Open Shelving

Open shelving might sound like a novel idea, and it is certainly cutting edge and probably considered quite hip. But you might want to think this one through before making what could be a very big mistake.

Open up your cupboards, all of them, and take a look at what you see. You probably have one cupboard devoted to plates and other dishware. Now, are your plates neatly stacked next to perfectly stacked bowls? Or are things in a bit of disarray? Check out the cupboard where you store your canned and dry goods. If there is total organization, we would be surprised. There is probably a little mayhem going on here as well.

But that is fine, with the doors closed, nobody can see what a mess the inside of your cupboards are. But if you have open shelving, everybody will see your cluttered dishes and they will know what brand peanut butter you buy and where you store your backup ketchup.

If you keep your cupboards extremely neat and clean, open shelving might be an option. If you are just a little disorganized, perhaps the idea of open shelving should be shelved for now.

Shiny Things

You decided to go with the refrigerator with the shiny chrome finish. Keep in mind that by the time you add in a stainless steel dishwasher, stove, toaster, microwave and set of pans, your kitchen might look like a morgue from a television show.

If you wish to stick with stainless steel appliances, you will need a lot of colors to offset them. Also, there is no law that states you have to have all of your appliances match in color. It is perfectly fine to have a stainless steel refrigerator and colored stove and microwave.

Not Enough Electrical Outlets

Everything you love in life and use every single day, like your iPhone, Bunn coffee maker and panini press, plugs in an outlet. Stop and count how many small kitchen appliances you have and you will come to the conclusion that you need more than two outlets in your kitchen.

Consider Placement

No matter how hard you try, recycling bins and garbage cans are just not all that sexy and you want to place them in places other than the middle of your beautifully remodeled kitchen. So it makes sense to plan ahead where the garbage can and recycle will go.

Proper Ventilation

Do you smell that? It’s what you cooked for dinner last night. Without proper ventilation, the bacon you fried up for breakfast could linger in your kitchen for hours, maybe even days.

Have a Little Fun

You are thinking about a kitchen that won’t look dated in 10 years and you want to be conservative in style, so you make the choice of going with beige everything. You have beige cupboards, beige countertops and beige paint. How boring. Live a little and give your kitchen a little pizzazz.

Underutilized Spaces

Think beyond traditional cabinet space and take advantage of unused areas in your kitchen, like toe-kick storage beneath cabinet doors.

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