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Kitchen Remodeling Services: 7 Trends In Countertop Designs

No doubt, the countertop is a vital part of the kitchen. Almost 90% of cooking is usually done on the top surface of the countertop. They can greatly influence the mood and atmosphere of your kitchen because they are usually the focal point.

Since a kitchen countertop is so important, we should consider how to choose one that is both stylish and durable. Each year, new trends emerge for kitchen remodeling services. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the latest kitchen countertop trends. You can make the right decision regarding your kitchen decor by looking at these brilliant countertop ideas. 

Trend #1: Quartz Is the King

Quartz stone is the best choice when it comes to material selection. It is an engineered stone that has a natural appearance similar to kitchens with granite countertops. However, these countertops offer better durability than natural stones. Granite and marble have historically overpowered kitchen remodeling services. This stone is, without a doubt, at the top of the list. It is the high quality of quartz countertops that makes them such a popular choice.

The material of natural stone is sturdy and durable. Their surfaces, however, are porous and require a sealant or resin to prevent staining. These countertops do not have this issue since they are designed for non-porous surfaces, whereas countertops with sealants wear off over time, requiring them to be resealed. Kitchens with quartz countertops can also be modified more than natural stone, so you can get the exact shape and color you want.

Trend #2: Honed vs. Polished Finishes

Choosing the right finish for your kitchen countertops can make a big difference. If you want your kitchen to look sleek and clean, polished kitchen countertops are a good choice. However, in recent years, people have preferred tactile and textured designs, which have a profound effect on kitchen countertop designs.

The honed finish, also known as matte finish, has a low shine and is smooth. By preventing the appearance of flaws and scratches, the kitchen countertop installers could help preserve its overall beauty. 

There has been a rise in popularity of leathered finishes in recent years. With a textured appearance, it has a soft sheen and is less polished than a polished surface. Leather-finished countertops present an authentic natural look like rocks, beautiful and eye-catching, with a dimple-like texture.

Trend #3: Speckled, Veined, or Pure Color

In terms of kitchen countertop ideas, different slabs come in different colors and styles. The options usually include pure, speckled, and veined colors.

In general, pure-colored counters look good with all types of kitchen remodeling services, but they can also make a kitchen look bland. It can be challenging to choose speckled countertops for your kitchen design, as they might not look right and steal the show. The reason that veined kitchen countertops are becoming more and more popular is that they provide a perfect balance between an intricate appearance and a plain one. It is more airy and sophisticated to have kitchen counters with a texture that corresponds to natural stone.

Trend #4: Integrated Sink 

You can create a sleek and seamless look in your kitchen by integrating the sink and countertop. These sinks do not overlap the countertop like traditional drop-in sinks, so they look sleek, modern, and minimalist. It is also possible to adjust an integrated sink so it fits your kitchen countertop without worrying about it being too big or too small.

[Note: It is important to note that an integrated sink requires more acceptable quality and processing of the kitchen remodeling services, so find a trusted manufacturer, like A Polished Finish].

Trend #5: Waterfall Edge 

A waterfall edge is created by extending the kitchen countertop at a 90-degree angle and flowing to the floor, giving the appearance of a seamless continuation. Kitchens with quartz countertops like this are rising in popularity and receiving positive feedback from customers.

In addition to adding beauty, elegance, and uniqueness to any design, waterfall islands are popular kitchen countertop trends. A kitchen countertop with this trend adds an elegant touch to a room and makes an artistic focal point that will make everyone envious.

Trend #6: Same Colored Backsplash

After choosing your kitchen countertops, you should find the matching backsplash. The trend of matching the backsplash color with the countertop is revolutionizing kitchen aesthetics. By pairing these two elements harmoniously, a seamless visual flow is created, blurring the distinction between countertop and backsplash. 

The countertop gracefully extends onto the walls, forming a design synergy that is both modern and visually striking in your modern kitchen. It simplifies the decision-making process while elevating the overall kitchen ambiance by providing a timeless and sophisticated look that transcends fleeting design trends.

Trend #7: Environment Friendly 

These days, the most important topics to discuss are things like environmental protection and sustainable practices. Not only are the advantages of using materials that are friendly to the environment beneficial to the environment, but they also extend to our day-to-day life. You are able to assure the safety of daily use by selecting a kitchen countertop that is made from environmentally friendly materials. 

In the absence of official certificates, countertops have the potential to either contain or emit hazardous chemicals that progressively cause harm to your health. Quartz countertops for kitchens that are good for the environment and created from recycled materials such as glass have become increasingly popular in recent years.

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It is important to take into account the latest trends when choosing a countertop for your kitchen. The versatility and durability of quartz remain unmatched, while finishes like honed and leathered, bring a tactile sense of elegance to the table. Integrated sinks and waterfall edges contribute to a seamless, contemporary appearance, as do speckled, veined, or pure colors. The finishing touches in kitchen remodeling services include matching backsplashes and environment-friendly materials. 

At A Polished Finish, you can explore these ideas for transforming your kitchen into a breathtaking masterpiece. Contact us today to give your kitchen a professional look that perfectly combines elegance and utility.

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