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Reasons Your Atlanta Home Needs New Granite Countertops

If you are like most Americans, the kitchen is the center of your home and the hub of activity. Remodeling your kitchen is a major undertaking, it can be rather expensive and you will be inconvenienced having contractors in your home all day long.

But there is a good reason why so many people put up with all of this and have their kitchens remodeled anyway; because it is totally worth it. Especially when you get to use your granite countertops for the very first time.

But if you remain on the fence as to whether or not you want to have the kitchen in your Atlanta home remodeled, here are a few reasons that might sway you.


If your kitchen isn’t falling apart, it is probably at least very outdated. It’s bad enough that you have yellow or neon-orange plastic laminate countertops and cabinets made out of pressed wood and linoleum flooring, but you also have a dishwasher older than Reagan’s presidency and a refrigerator that was originally purchased at Montgomery Wards.

What you need are updated appliances with modern features that are also very energy efficient. Some oak cabinets would look nice and pair those with awesome custom granite countertops from A Polished Finish

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Greater Convenience

Kitchens in older houses may have been built without much thought put into them. This might be the reason why you block the entrance to the kitchen when you open the refrigerator door. You inconvenient kitchen could be renovated so that is it much more user-friendly.

A remodeled kitchen means you don’t block the door with the refrigerator door open and you have cabinets that maximise storage and provide better functionality.

Boost Value

There is no doubt about it, a remodeled kitchen will kick up the value of your home. Of course, a kitchen renovation requires an investment, but typically, homeowners will recoup more than half of what they put into the project.


Your kitchen layout may have been perfect for the previous owners of the house, but just not for you. Instead of that built-in desk in the kitchen, you would prefer a breakfast bar as your family wants an informal place to gather and eat a quick meal or have a cup of coffee without having to sit at the dining room table.


Maybe your kitchen has fairly updated appliances and isn’t all that outdated, you just simply want a different look. There is certainly nothing wrong with remodeling your kitchen because you are ready for a change.

Gourmet Kitchen

You might be the type of person who loves to cook gourmet meals and would love to create your dishes in a remodeled kitchen. You could get rid of your standard electric stove and replace it with a gas stove with six burners and dual ovens. A gourmet kitchen with fancy appliances and amenities are just what a budding chef needs.

Whatever your reason for having your kitchen remodeled, have A Polished Finish install your new, custom countertops. Call us today.