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Cool Appliances for Your Kitchen Countertop in Atlanta

There are certain countertop appliances that every kitchen needs. If you are setting up a new home or just had new kitchen countertops installed by A Polished Finish in Atlanta, make a list of the appliances you cannot live without.

Food Processor

Food processors chop, grate, dice, knead, puree and emulsify. Many can do more than that. With a decent food processor, you can save a lot of time in the kitchen. It will also keep you from cramping up having to chop so many foods by hand.

A good food processor will set you back a few bucks as they are one of the more expensive countertop appliances you can buy. But they are well worth it.

Again, you will want a food processor with a powerful motor and things are just easier if the bowl that holds the food is large in capacity. Some extras you will want to buy to go with your food processor include a grating disk and emulsifying attachments.

Countertop Grill

Even if you have an outdoor grill, a countertop grill is very handy when you want to make a quick lunch for yourself. While outdoor grills are great for grilling burgers, a countertop grill is the right appliance to make paninis, chicken breasts and fish. Most grills have removable grill plates that are easy to clean. Some grills have interchangeable plates to use depending on what you are cooking.

Toaster Oven

Toasters are nice if you make a lot of toast, but toaster ovens are awesome because they are so versatile. Toaster ovens can be used to toast thicker bread, bread so big they won’t fit in your traditional toaster. They can also be used to melt cheese in sandwiches and other dishes, cook mini pizzas and can even bake cookies.

Some toaster ovens can double as a microwave.

Electric Mixer

There are two different kinds of mixers you can get; a stand mixer or a hand mixer. We recommend you get them both. When you are making pancake batter or cookie dough, a hand mixer does the job perfectly well and you are left with less to clean up.

But there are plenty of recipes that call for the use of a stand mixer. If you are going to bake a lot of bread, a stand mixer is your best option. In fact, any avid baker should have a stand mixer. Stand mixers are also great because you can buy attachments for them. For example, you can get an attachment that grates cheese and you can get an attachment that grounds beef.


A blender is an essential kitchen appliance if you love smoothies or other frozen drinks. Blenders are great if you love pureeing soups, mixing custards and chopping soft ingredients. The key is to choose one with a powerful motor, 500 watts or more is perfect for most tasks. Don’t buy a blender with a plastic jar, find one made from glass or a heavy-duty polycarbonate.

You will also want to buy a blender big enough to hold the drinks and other goodies you will be making. Nothing is worse than having to mix three batches of smoothies to feed the entire family.

Pressure Cooker

Slow cookers are great when you have decent planning skills and are on the ball. But for those who come home from work and panic because they planned nothing for dinner, a pressure cooker will save your marriage and status as a great parent. This is because what takes a slow cooker eight hours to cook takes a pressure cooker less than an hour. All you do is throw in the chicken and the veggies and in no time you have a meal fit for a king.

Slow Cooker

If you are the type who is well-prepared, you need a slow cooker. Slow cookers are for people who can plan their meals in advance. Simply fill the cooker with the chicken and other ingredients, turn it on before you leave for work in the morning and when you come home, dinner is ready to be served.

But before you head on out and pick up these wonderful appliances, give A Polished Finish a call and get an estimate for new kitchen countertops. After all, your new appliances need a good home.